Where the wild things are - 2012

[NT] Mary River Station

Meet a brave housewife from a remote station in the Northern Territory who escapes her daily chores to go barra fishing.

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King of the River - 2012

[NT] Tropical Outback

Most people think barramundi are the biggest fish in tropical freshwater streams... but much bigger predators fight for this title. Which one is king of the river?

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Kayak Fishing - 2012

[NSW] Jervis Bay

Rob illustrates some popular scenarios for kayak anglers of various skill levels.

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Top End Heli-Fishing - 2012

[NT] Northern Territory

Exploring the inaccessible fishing hotspots of inland Northern Territory by helicopter, Rob targets barramundi in 3 distinctly different environments.

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Toothy Critters - 2012

When you think of fish with sharp dangerous teeth, sharks spring to mind, but Australia's waters have an army of toothy critters ready to take the bait.

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Sailboat Kingfish - 2012

[NSW] Lord Howe Island

Rob heads to Lord Howe Island in search of the world’s best kingfish action … from a tiny sailing kayak.

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