• Kids Fishing [Book] - NEW
    Contents: 1 x Paperback

    Kids Fishing [Book] - NEW

    New Release

    Kids Fishing is the all new book that helps the whole family get into fishing.

    AND its the first instructional Fishing Book in Australia to be written in ‘Kids speak’.

    Kids, mums, dads and grandparents grab a copy and get a brilliant head start in this wonderful sport.

    Book includes:
    - Fun free activities like bait collecting and casting games.
    - Knot and rigs.
    - How to catch popular fish.
    - Sun and water safety.
    - Sustainable Fishing and Caring for the environment.
    - Loads of easy to understand diagrams.

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  • Total Native 2 [DVD]
    Contents: 1 x 85 min Multi Region DVD

    Total Native 2 [DVD]


    Topping 1.8 meters and 250 pounds Murray Cod are Australias Largest Freshwater Fish…they are the stuff of legend. 

    Better fishing and waterway management has seen these iconic fish make a massive comeback in numbers and size.

    Total Native 2 is a fishing adventure that takes viewers into the stunning vistas of deep gorge, open river and vast impoundment waterways.

    Rob Paxevanos has spent a lifetime chasing these ancient creatures, his latest methods, spots, and techniques will help anglers enjoy the incredible fishing on offer. Covering numerous spots across Queensland, NSW, the ACT and Victoria, this ground breaking film covers the diverse habitats that these magical creature call home.

    Total Native 2 is not your standard fishing platform…it is a cinematic experience showcasing Australia’s absolute biggest freshwater fish in the countrys most revered waterways.

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  • New Fishing Australia Bundle Special
    Contents: 3 x DVD's & 2 Books

    New Fishing Australia Bundle Special

    Limited  Time Only

    Get all 3 of Rob’s DVD’s and both books (as pictured) for the special price of $74.95 (Normally $130.94 if purchased separately)

    The ultimate entertainment and educational gift for all Fishing Australia fans.

    Includes free delivery and a bonus Fishing Australia Gift.

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  • Kids Fishing Bulk Pack
    Contents: 22 x Paperback

    Kids Fishing Bulk Pack

    For schools, tackle shops, clubs, events, kids holiday programmes, etc...

    Due to popular demand from groups we have released Hailey’s book in bulk.

    - Educational activity book
    - Great to get kids reading and fishing
    - Suits kids aged 2 to 13 and parents and teachers
    - Ideal as a guide for kids courses, kids excursions, etc

    Hailey’s book was over seen by early childhood and primary teachers to ensure the best possible experience.

    22 books, plus display stand, plus delivery all for just $125.

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    $125.00Incl Postage & Handling