About Rob

With more than 27 years experience as a professional fishing guide around Australia, Rob Paxevanos is the ideal host for WIN’s FISHING AUSTRALIA, which premiered in 2000.

Rob continues to bring us magic moments and world firsts when it comes to fishing. Whether it’s fishing for the whole family, going to extreme measures to hook a giant fish or using cutting edge techniques; Rob knows his fish. As a professional fishing guide, writer, photographer and television presenter, Rob is a cheerful, enthusiastic character with a lifelong passion for catching fish and for helping other people learn about fishing. One of his standout strengths is a dedication to promoting sustainable fishing techniques; he is forever keen to explain which fish should be kept for the table and which ones should go back.

Growing up in the country, Rob was surrounded by rivers and lakes, the perfect environment to learn about fresh water fishing from an early age. He also holidayed extensively on the Victorian and NSW coast as a small child, which gave Rob the time to develop his knowledge of saltwater fishing. The support of his family and siblings, who also love fishing, has helped nurture his talent.

Rob now lives on the water at the Sunshine Coast, which gives him plenty of opportunity to indulge in his love of freshwater fishing in the hinterlands and the abundant estuary and ocean fishing. His previous work as a fishing guide gives him the chance to communicate his knowledge for the benefit of others. Rob is also constantly honing new skills, travelling to new and exciting destinations around the country to further his knowledge of fish species, their habitats and effective fishing techniques.

With a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Rob also studied Biology and Environmental Engineering. Rob has written features for leading Australian fishing magazines including, Fishing World and Freshwater Fishing. He is guest writer for numerous sporting and travel magazines both in Australia and overseas.

Rob reported on fishing travel and the environment for the Rural Press network of newspaper for over 18 years. In recent years Rob has added 12 social media sites to his list of media platforms including @fishingaustraliatv on Facebook and Instagram.

Rob is married with four daughters and loves to get out on the water with his family whenever he can.