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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

If you haven’t heard about the annual Million Dollar Fish (MDF) you’ve been fishing too hard and need to get up to the Northern Territory where the fishing dead set easy.

To add to the experience you can win a million bucks for catching the iconic barramundi-that’s right a million bucks!!!

You see a barra is released with a tag in it, if you catch that barra, and you’re are an instant millionaire!

To add to things there’s 100 tagged barra worth $10k each!

The fourth season of MDF kicked off in October 2018 and with some BIG NEWS – for a start the season has been extended a month to the end of March. Anytime is good for barra up in the Northern Territory (the place is known to have the most barra in the world) but March is runoff time when 50 barra a day is the norm!

A few of $10k prizes have gone off already, but the big one hasn’t- that could easily change this year with the even BIGGER NEWS that there will now be 5 barra tagged with a million dollar tag!   Once the first one is caught the other four will be made redundant.

Registration for the MDF is free – all the details are at

If you’re coming up register!  If you need an excuse to come up register and get up here! Even if you don’t win anything you will still get a million dollar experience-the iconic barra exists in size and numbers in the NT that are the envy of sports fishos the world over.  Stop guessing and start’ll thank me for the experience and if you win it’s your shout.


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