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A Fishing Star is Born in an Ancient Land

Friday, 21 October 2022

People always ask me “what does it take to get a gig on Fishing Australia?”. Well – you need an amazing place with brilliant fishing, a skilled angler that more importantly has a desire to learn, and most importantly a passion for fishing!

Enter Greg Finger who packed his bags and left his home in Gippsland Victoria to pursue a career as a guide at Cooinda Lodge in Kakadu. To say Greg is passionate about fishing is an understatement, the lad is that happy when fishing he’d be the envy of anyone in the world whatever they are doing!   

By chance a trip lined up with Greg when one of my regular guides in Kakadu – Shannon Summerton - couldn’t make it and suggested Greg might fill in. Big shoes to fill – Shannon has been guiding in Kakadu for 20 odd years, amongst other things his record is 18 metre plus fish in August alone!

From the first phone call to Greg he won me over, not because he had the fishing credentials of Shannon, but because his enthusiasm for fishing and showing people around Kakadu was so infectious – even for me!

I’ve been lucky enough to fish and film in Kakadu a good number of times now – my daughters Emily and Hailey both caught their first Barra there which is fondly etched into our memories forever, but there’s something else about Kakadu no one can put to words – and that’s the feeling you get when you are there! The warmth emanating off the ancient gorge country rocks, the still and quiet of the bush, the abundance of wildlife and the enduring ancient culture and rock art all roll together to relax and inspire you like few places can.

Throw in 2 oasis’s – the Giant Crocodile Hotel and Cooinda Lodge – and this far away land is literally like being on a whole new planet.

Not that it needs it, but to add to the experience there’s also the chance to win big because Kakadu is a key player in the Northern Territories Million Dollar Fish program. Yep – one tagged fish is worth $1,000,000 and there’s 9 million dollar fish out there, and there’s another 100 tagged fish worth $10,000. You know what – enough said here, just register already at – you’ll see why.

But back to the fishing and I have attached a few sneak peek pics – you’ll be able to see our full feature Fishing Australia Kakadu Special on 9 Now Watch Fishing Australia 2022, Catch Up TV (

As for Greg, I’m sure you’ll love his enthusiasm as we did – he’s knowledgable, caring for nature, passionate and exciting…but you be the judge, because like the feeling you get in Kakadu, what he brings to the screen is best experienced.


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