Kimberley Coastal Camp

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

In the far corner of North Western Australia, about 500k’s north of Broome, you’ll find the Kimberley Coastal Camp.

An exclusive wilderness retreat that personifies the concept of exclusivity and adventure. Its a rustic safari-style resort that reflects finest tradition of wild and exotic destinations the likes of which you would see Africa or Asia.

There are few places in Australia where you could experience anything close to this place. Overlooking Admiralty Gulf, it is a secluded all-inclusive lodge designed for spirited travellers looking for something very special. Only a dozen guests get to stay at any time, enjoying stylish accommodation spread out around the property to take advantage of the wide vistas. The main area is the Big House, a rustic pavilion set up for gourmet gatherings or to simply relax and soak-up the surrounds of this extraordinary environment which includes the dramatic geography, wildlife and ancient culture.

One of the guided walks from the main compound is literally a journey back in time. It’s where you’ll find ancient aboriginal rock paintings, including Gwion Gwion or so-called Bradshaw Art, named after their discoverer Joseph Bradshaw, speculated to be up to 50-thousand years old. These mysterious paintings don’t resemble traditional indigenous artwork and have long been a point of contention among archeologists about their age and origin.

KCC is operated by Andrew White and Julie Van Duuren, better known as ‘Tubby’ and ‘Jules’ to their friends and guests. Jules is a gourmet chef who runs the lodge with an eye on taste and detail, Tubby is a bloke whose dived, fished and trekked his way around Australia, and now is the retreat’s adventure guide.

Getting to Kimberley Coastal Camp is half the fun. A scenic flight with Kimberley Air Tours is by far the best way to do it, taking-off from Kununurra and crossing north-western landscape toward the Mitchell Plateau. Once there, it’s a transfer to the Heli Spirit helicopters for the final leg of this journey. The 20-minute flight takes in the rugged gorges and weaving waterways unique to this part of the country. Edging closer to Admiralty Gulf, the Kimberley Coastal Camp comes into view and it’s here that one get’s a sense of just how secluded this so-called ‘camp’ really is.

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