1770 – Southern Great Barrier Reef

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Southern Great Barrier Reef stretches from Bundaberg through to Rockhampton and Yeppoon, and in between, you’ll find the towns of Agnes Water and 1770.

There’s no prize for guessing how 1770 got its name. In May of that year, Lieutenant James Cook sailed the Endeavour to this little piece of paradise and came ashore for his second landing in Australia. 1770 is a stunning holiday destination. Surrounded on three sides by the Coral Sea, the vistas from the headland offer a breathtaking expanse of brilliant blue ocean, sweeping beaches and pristine national park abundant with wildlife.

The atmosphere around this seaside village is relaxed, perfect for a fishing adventure, family fun or a romantic getaway. And whatever your plans, the best place to stay is Lagoons 1770 Resort and Spa. Offering a range of affordable luxury accommodation from studio rooms to two-bedroom apartments, Lagoons 1770 Resort provides the complete holiday experience whether it’s poolside or enjoying the many tours available. And when it comes to food, the Plantation Restaurant is the region’s best by far. Led by award-winning international chef, Ross Howell, Plantations at Lagoons 1770 has brought a new level of sophistication and taste to dining.

1770 and the Southern Great Barrier Reef are not as busy as in Far North QLD. The water is cooler which means there is less coral bleaching, and it’s deeper which results in better diving and extraordinary visibility. Accessible 12 months of the year, there are no stingers or crocs, but plenty of adventure to be in and out of the water!

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