• Kids Fishing [Book] - NEW
    Contents: 1 x Paperback

    Kids Fishing [Book] - NEW

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    Kids Fishing is the all new book that helps the whole family get into fishing.

    AND its the first instructional Fishing Book in Australia to be written in ‘Kids speak’.

    Kids, mums, dads and grandparents grab a copy and get a brilliant head start in this wonderful sport.

    Book includes:
    -Fun free activities like bait collecting and casting games.
    -Knot and rigs.
    -How to catch popular fish.
    -Sun and water safety.
    -Sustainable Fishing and Caring for the environment.
    -Loads of easy to understand diagrams.

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  • Fishing Australia 2016 Bundle Special
    Contents: 3 x DVD's & Book

    Fishing Australia 2016 Bundle Special

    Get all 3 of Rob’s DVD’s and his book (as pictured) for the special price of $69.95 (Normally $117.95)

    The ultimate entertainment and educational gift for all Fishing Australia fans.

    Includes free delivery and a bonus Fishing Australia Gift.

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  • Total Native [DVD]
    Contents: 1 x 55 Min multi region DVD

    Total Native [DVD]

    2016 Special 20% off price, plus free delivery, plus bonus Fishing Australia gift.

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    From Tiddlers to trophies, Total Native is packed with the best techniques for sustainably catching the majestic Golden Perch and the mighty Murray Cod. Rob has dedicated a lifetime to targeting and filming these iconic Australian fish and Total Native contains the most important lessons he’s learned so far.

    DVD includes:
    • Giant Murray Cod on Lures
    • River Fishing with Bait & Lures
    • Impoundment Essentials
    • Enormous Murray Cod on Fly
    • How to cook Golden Perch
    • Bush Safety

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  • Australian Fishing Basics [Book]
    Contents: 1 x Paperback

    Australian Fishing Basics [Book]

    2016 Special 30% off price, plus free delivery, plus bonus Fishing Australia gift.

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    Like most things, the devil is in the detail when it comes to fishing. It's all about choosing the right hook, line, bait and position. It's about learning how to berley, polaroid, cast off and tie a knot that won't untie.

    Fully illustrated with hundreds of photographs, including step-by-step instructions for the fiddly techniques, Australian Fishing Basics is an exuberant and accessible guide to achieving fishing success everywhere and every time.

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