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South Coast NSW tests world’s latest and greatest kayak

Monday, 21 July 2014

That’s right… The biggest and most advanced kayak in the world, the new Hobie Tandem Pro Angler 17T, has arrived on the NSW South Coast and is currently being used on the local rivers, estuary’s, lakes and oceans, before being zipped up to Sydney for the International Boat Show.

At 17 Foot Long this is the Taj Mahal of kayaks with amazing new features, but she still handles like a kayak, and these along with the many other attributes will really help anglers make the most of the local waterways in an eco-friendly fashion.

Just one of the scenarios where the Pro Angler 17T will excel is where two anglers wish to kayak fish together: it has unreal stability and speed, along with the option to face each seat towards each other so the social aspect is greatly enhanced. These attributes will suit fishing buddies, couples, and also guides. Just a few scenarios that already suit is fishing shallow or less accessed water ways in style. Of course those looking to be distracted by fishing while exercising on the oceans and bays will also love it too.

It can also be used solo, all with enough room for man’s best four-legged friend…and with plenty of space for standing, casting and fly fishing.

This new Pro Angler 17T integrates all the features of its predecessors including Hobie’s iconic patented MirageDrive pedal system and Vantage XT seating and adds new features such as the H-Rail System for customising accessories, a tracking skeg for covering long distances and a battery platform for an optional trolling motor, crate or small cooler. The result is like nothing else on the market. A human-powered 17’ fishing machine. No gas needed, no-motor-zone compliant and made in the U.S.A. It does not get better.

“We challenged ourselves to expand our Pro Angler collection with a fully decked-out guide-style tandem where the aft passenger could provide MirageDrive power and put the front angler on the fish.  We also wanted it to have the ability to hold an optional trolling motor for use as a bass boat,” commented Doug Skidmore, president of Hobie Cat Company. 

“Our new Pro Angler 17T meets that challenge.”

All anglers know that customising their watercraft is a major part of ownership fun.  The new patent-pending twelve-sided H-Rail mounting system runs along each side of the boat and provides a quick and easy way to secure multitudes of accessories. Two-each H-Rail Mounting Plates, Rod Racks and Cup Holders come stock with the boat.  An infinite number of optional accessories can then be added to the H-Rail such as tackle bins, fish finders, camera mount or rod holders. The large rudder provides steerage and manoeuvrability while the new drop-down tracking skeg can be deployed when covering long distances in challenging conditions.  An optional anchor trolley kit for anchors, drift chutes, nets or stakeout poles is easy to install using eight strategically placed brass inserts on each side. An optional Power-Pole® Micro with a customising Hobie mount can be added to the stern.

Two MirageDrives with adjustable Turbo Fins provide propulsion, leaving hands free for casting and catching fish. Two strong and breathable Vantage XT Seats ensure comfort with back, bottom, Boa lumbar and kickstand height adjustability. They also can be easily removed from the boat for on-shore use.  Storage for up to twelve rods, ten horizontally and two vertically, keeps them handy but out of the way. A large front hatch and liner offer easy access for storing fish, ice, food, clothing or extra tackle. The built-in Lowrance Ready transducer mounting plate and pre-installed wire plugs make it quick and easy to install electronics. Three large rectangular hatches provide easy access to pivoting Tackle Management Systems and in-hull storage.

The Pro Angler 17T weighs 185 pounds fitted and 230 pounds fully rigged with standard features and has a 900-pound capacity.

Optional accessories designed specifically for the Pro Angler 17T include the new Livewell XL, Adjustable H-Bar, H-Rail Tackle Bin, RAM® Mounts, Trolling Motor Mount and Trailer.

Anticipated availability of the Pro Angler 17T is the 4th quarter of 2014.

But keep your eye out for the first one on local Southern NSW Waters: it’s being tested by kayak fishing enthusiasts, myself included: exciting times.

See you on the water.
Rob Paxevanos

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